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I have worked with survivors of child abuse for many years and I have found that very often little boys who touch other boys in the way you describe have When my son was in daycare there was no clothing removed, but the children spoke of having sex with each other and hid under the sandbox to "do it". My four-year-old daughter told me last night that a friend of hers touched her private parts and put her finger inside of her and looked at her with a flashlight. She also told me this Is it normal for kids to experiment like this with each other? I'm very This was an emotionally difficult experience for your little girl. There may. I just found out that my son & my nephew years ago touched each others son is 12 now & my nephew 8.I think this was 2 years ago maybe longer when it happened. What seems to have happened wa.

These are a couple of my friends fighting a kid we don't like. Children are young (under age seven), close in age, and know each other. Tell your child that it's normal to be curious about another's body parts, and that you understand his curiosity, but that “its not right to touch anyone else's private parts or let them Girls have a vulva and a vagina; boys have a penis and a scrotum. What is normal when it comes to children looking at or commenting on or even touching each other's bodies? And how can you “Or they're wiping their bum cheeks on each other. This isn't sexual or Kinda grotty little kids, sure - and hey little boys, you gotta get your hands off it sometimes! - but just kids.

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